How to Find the Best Online Defensive Driving Course in Texas?

  • 09 July 2020
defensive driving course online Texas

The What and the Why

Texas is a driving state; in fact, most states are. It’s one of the things that makes the US such an interesting country. Americans value-driving, not only in the practical sense but also because it’s fun! However, driving is also dangerous, and Texas has nearly seven hundred thousand miles of roads. One of the easiest and best ways to increase road awareness is through defensive driving.

           Defensive driving is a program that offers instruction on how to identify road hazards in a predictable manner. No one wants to be surprised by a hazard while driving. By taking these courses, you increase your road skills, become a safer driver, and have the ability to keep your driving record clean.

           Texas has a substantial law enforcement presence, and traffic tickets are common. Not only are they annoying, but they can also drive insurance rates up and stay on your record for a long period of time. Taking a defensive driving course will help keep insurance rates low and remove a traffic ticket from your record.

Benefits of Defensive Driving Classes

           The benefits of taking a defensive driving course are numerous. Some of the bigger benefits are listed below.

  • Increased road awareness
  • Safer driving
  • Potential for an insurance rate reduction or discount
  • Helps wipe a traffic ticket from your record

           If you are taking a defensive driving course, chances are it’s to get rid of a traffic ticket. Keep in mind though; the benefits help all drivers. It may be worth suggesting to a friend or family member.

Added Benefits of Online Classes

           While the option to take an in-person set of classes is available, the online version offers many additional benefits to those listed above.

  • Choice, fit the classes into your schedule
  • Reduced stress, learn at your own speed
  • Efficiency, you can complete courses online faster than in a physical classroom
  • Comfort, complete the courses on your favorite recliner, chair or sofa

           As mentioned above, most people become aware of defensive driving options because of a traffic ticket. In that case, the online defensive driving version is a no brainer as it’s the easiest to manage. If you are interested in taking the courses because you want to be a safer driver, the online version is also the best fit for active lifestyles.

So, which Online Defensive Driving Course is the best in Texas?

           Below are the top five online defensive driving courses in Texas, along with some perks for each.


  • Newer, so more up to date
  • Apps for iPhone and Android.
  • Usability and convenience are much higher than the competition


  • Easiest to complete,
  • Retention quizzes after each section with NO final exam
  • Best customer service
  • Mobile friendly

Go to Traffic School

  • Budget-friendly
  • Mobile friendly
  • Long history and track record of success
  • Log in and out at ease with progress saved


  • The safe bet. Years of experience and a good review base.
  • Compatible with any device you may have.
  • Great student support services
  • Can log in or log out of course work whenever you want to

Improve Traffic School

  • Comedy based approach, good for easy-going, slapstick humor fans
  • Realistic, understand most people are there to help with traffic tickets
  • Mobile friendly
  • Great customer service

Final Thoughts

           If you need to complete a defensive driving course in Texas, consider doing it online. It’s easy to manage, reduces stress, helps remove a traffic ticket, and can generate insurance discounts. Enrolling in online defensive driving courses in Texas helps your wallet and your record.

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