3 Driving myths you should know before taking a defensive driving course online

  • 07 April 2020
Texas defensive driving course online

Driving is a freeing and exciting privilege, but it is not something that you should ever be taking for granted. At any moment on the road, you could be pulled over and have your license taken away. Everyone will have different opinions and ideas about the best way to drive and avoid tickets, but there are a large number of myths out there.

Before taking a Texas defensive driving course online, lets look at three common driving myths to be aware of before taking an online course.

Bluetooth is always safer than a phone

Many new cars have moved to Bluetooth systems and voice commands to try and help drivers operate their vehicles with less of a distraction. Many states have been moving towards banning the use of phones when driving as distracted driving accident rates have steadily increased. Many people are beginning to now argue that the new Bluetooth capabilities that car offers are much safer than using your phone to make a call.

While there are some benefits to using Bluetooth, it is still going to distract you when making a call. Driving requires your absolute attention to avoid accidents and trying to make a phone call while doing so can be deadly. Taking the time to type in a phone number on your car is just as bad as using your phone and gives people a false sense of safety when driving. The best way to avoid distracted driving is to not use any phone when driving for maximum safety.

You only get pulled over going 10 mph over the speed limit

Many people seem to have it in their heads that there is a magical number over the speed limit that police officers can then pull you over. It is a nice thought to think that you are safe to go five or so over the speed limit without any consequence, but that is simply false. The most common myth among drivers is that you are only allowed to be pulled over by police officers if you are going 10 mph over the legal limit.

In the eyes of the law, speeding is speeding whether you are going 4 or 40 mph over the limit. It is somewhat unlikely to be pulled over going just a few mph over the limit but thinking you can just casually drive 10 mph over the limit at all times is a sure way to see your first speeding ticket.

Bigger cars are safer

SUVs have taken the car world by storm recently and drastically outsold sedans and other types of cars. Many people don’t really need the off roading capabilities and storage offered by these cars, so why are they so popular? One of the main reasons people are actually buying these large and heavy cars is because it gives them an allusion of better safety.

People are so worried about car crashed today that they want to have the bigger car in every crash so they can feel safer. This mentality is delusional and makes people think they don’t need to drive as well just because their car is bigger. Look at any Texas driving safety course and you will see the real way to drive safer and feel more comfortable in any car you want rather than rely on small benefits from a larger and harder to handle vehicle.

Understanding these common myths and being ready to learn many more will make your more than ready to take on your online defensive driving course.

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