8 Things You Need in Your Car Emergency Kit

  • 14 April 2020
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Nobody wants to get stuck on the side of the road with a broken car, but you need to bready if that ever happens to be you. Many defensive driving courses online will recommend you carry certain things in the event of an emergency, so let’s look at 8 essential things to have in your car.


When something goes wrong with your car, you will most likely need to do some investigating to find the source of the problem. Cars have lots of small spaces and tightly packed spaces so a flashlight will help guide you throughout your searching process. Whether you are stuck at night or need to find something loose, a flashlight will help you see what is causing the problem.

First-aid kit

Depending on the emergency you are having, a First-aid kit might be just what you need when trouble arises. A first-aid kit will have everything you need and more depending on what kind of trouble you are in. The are adhesive bandages if you get a scrape and tweezers if you need to get rid of a splinter. No matter the issue, a first-aid kit will always be useful.

Jumper Cables

When your car won’t start in a parking lot, sometimes all it needs is a jump start. Just keeping a pair of jumper cables in your car could be the difference between a quick jump and a lengthy wait for help. Jumper cables are easy to use and can even let you help other drivers if their batteries are flat.

Towing equipment

If you get your car stuck in some dirt or snow, having the necessary equipment to get out is always a bonus. If you know someone with a struck or powerful car, they can use your towing equipment to get your car out of trouble without having to call an expensive tow truck. Having some rope and a tow hitch is often all you need to help yourself or someone else in a pinch.

Portable battery

A portable battery can save your life in many ways depending on how you need it. Some portable batteries have the ability to jumpstart your car if the battery is dead and can also charge a dead phone as well. Knowing you will always have a charged phone is a big stress relief and being able to jumpstart yourself is a life saver.


Even if you are not mechanically inclined, a simple multi-tool will still come in handy when you need it most. From a screwdriver to a knife, these tools have everything you need in an emergency and can reduce the amount of space from having to carry around a full toolbox. These tools are meant for anything and will serve you well in a time of need.

Food and water

Texas weather can be pretty extreme and defensive driving Texas guidelines recommend being prepared for anything. If you are stuck in your car for a long time, having food and water will keep your nourished while waiting for help to arrive. As an added benefit, if you ever get hungry while on the road it is always nice to have a drink and snack available.

Duct Tape

With its almost magical properties and ability to solve most issues, duct tape has been in the glovebox of many cars for years. You can stop something from moving around and even make minor repairs when the time comes. Duct tape will be your best friend when in an emergency and you will always find something to use it for.

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