How new Texas law is making defensive driving faster and easier

  • 14 April 2020
Texas approved defensive driving

Driving laws are constantly changing and adapting to keep up with modern times. Cars are getting more advanced and high-tech, so new laws must be put in place so that people are staying safe on the roads. However, there are some other laws being changed that are helping drivers out by making Texas approved defensive driving courses more efficient.

To see how these changes are affecting Texas driving, we will look at the old and new laws as well as see why you will benefit rom the recent change in law.

Old Law

Texas defensive driving used to be a large hassle and burden to work with and get your issues sorted out. There was many forms of paperwork and documents that you needed to sign in order to get you license in check. Many people would struggle with understanding everything that needed to be done and would often have issues completing the necessary steps for their defensive driving certification.

Additionally, there was a long and extensive process of actually receiving your defensive driving course certificate once you completed the necessary requirements. This meant that you would have to wait long amounts of time for your certificate to arrive that would allow you to drive again. This meant wasted time and money all spent waiting for a piece of paper.

New Law

With so many new laws changing how we drive our cars; it was about time that there were laws to help us use our cars. In November of 2018, there was a law passed that made the receiving of your certification much easier. What this new law allowed for was that allows for course takers to download their certificate at the moment of completion of the required course materials.

The new law means that you can finish your certificate and receive your certification all in the same day. The power of modern technology allows the whole process to be completed online and you will never have to wait for your certificate to be mailed again.

Why it benefits you

This law may seem very niche and not that important, but it greatly improves the experience and convenience offered to those who need to get their defensive driving certificate. The move to an online platform takes the stress and burden of many of the reasons people used to struggle with defensive driving certifications and gets rid of them.

One of the primary reasons it benefits drivers is that the entire process can be done without having to waste precious time to get your certification. Waiting at an office while your paperwork is filled out is a problem of the past as the new system is all online. You also forgo the time you would spend waiting for your certification to be mailed to your home. With mail times varying drastically and costing a lot of money for upgrades, being able to simply print out your document is invaluable.

Another benefit that comes up is that you will actually save money thanks to this new law. Now that you don’t have to go to an office and fill out paperwork, you don’t have to spend any money to get there and pay any service fees for processing. You also get rid of the need to pay for expensive shipping to get your certification as soon as possible.


It may not seem like a big deal, but the new Texas driving law makes getting your defensive driving certificate much easier. You can now take your course in peace knowing there aren’t long lines and waiting at the end of the course.

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