How to Enroll in Online Defensive Driving Course at an Affordable Cost?

  • 21 January 2020
Online Defensive Driving Course

Most of us know what it’s like to be impatient on the road. Road rage, impatience, and generally aggressive behavior while driving can lead to accidents, fines, and even jail time. When you forget not only the rules of the road but the basic courtesy you should have for other drivers, you could be putting yourself and your family at risk every time you get in the car. A Texas Online defensive driving course may be exactly what you need to start being a better driver today.

Defensive driving is the practice of driving better by re-learning the rules of the road so that you can anticipate danger, adopt a calm and patient attitude to stay focused and level-headed, and avoid unnecessary injuries, tickets, and fines.


Before getting into how to enroll in one of these courses, you should first know the benefits of taking one.

The first incredible benefit of taking a defensive driving course online is that you get the chance to re-learn crucial safety and maintenance procedures that you may have forgotten but which could save your life. Reacquainting yourself with the ins and outs of when it’s safe to pass other drivers and change lanes, what you should do to keep yourself safe in weather conditions that reduce visibility, and how to avoid or deal with hazardous obstacles in the road can ensure that you’re well-equipped to drive in any conditions.

Knowing these rules will also allow you to recognize when other drivers are breaking them. Online defensive driving courses teach you to be aware of your surroundings in order to learn how to look at other drivers’ attitudes on the road and figure out how cautious you should be when driving around them. When to brake early and how early you should brake, how far away you need to keep from different kinds of vehicles, and how to deal safely with construction zones are just some of the things that a defensive driving course will refresh in your mind.

When you’ve learned these procedures again, you’ll be much more likely to be calm on the road, promoting cognizance and patience as you’re dealing with other drivers. The less anxious you are to make maneuvers, the more likely it is that you will perform them safely and effectively. Defensive driving courses online seek to teach this to you no matter what age you are.

Even if you have the opposite problem and get fatigued on the road and lose concentration, the knowledge provided by defensive driving courses can still help you.

How Do I Find a Course?

The Texas Education Agency has approved the course through the American Safety Council. They have a 24-hour email support service and a live chat to answer your questions about eligibility and cost. Contacting them is the best way to find out how you can enroll in a defensive driving course, which starts as low as $25.

Will I Get My Traffic Ticket Dismissed?

Getting a traffic ticket dismissed is one of the biggest draws to Texas online defensive driving courses. Doing so requires you to possess a valid non-commercial Texas driver’s license and have no other ticket dismissals in the last year. But if you complete the Texas Education Agency course, your completion certificate and driver record may be enough to get your ticket removed from your record. Check with the American Safety Council to see if you’re eligible for this benefit.

No matter who you are, driving defensively could save your life. These affordable courses are worth it to dismiss tickets, re-learn safety procedures, or just to learn how to be more alert on the road. Contact the Texas Driving School through the American Safety Council to see if you’re eligible.

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