Can I take an Online Defensive driving Course for 2 states?

  • 14 April 2020
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For some people, there may be a situation where you would want or need to take a defensive driving course for multiple states. Texas defensive driving courses are similar to those of other states and we will see why someone would take one for multiple states and if it is always allowed.

Why would you take defensive driving in 2 states?

For some people, they may have serving infraction or violation that requires them to take a defensive driving course in their home state. However, there are some people who commit driving violations in other states. What this means is that those people will most often require the individual to complete two separate distracted driving courses in different states.

Depending on the state, if you are given certain tickets like speeding or reckless driving, you may be given the option to attend certain courses to get the issue resolved from your record. Let’s say that you get a speeding ticket in both Texas and Florida. This means that as long as you are able to take the course for your given violation, you would take a driving safety course Texas and then another one for Florida so you could clear the issue.

Does this work with every state?

While Texas does allow you to get your license back once you completed the necessary course, not every state will be the same. Defensive driving courses are a way to get your issue resolved in states like Teas, but certain states do not offer this as an option because they have other ways for you to get your license back. In some states, the guidelines for getting your license back in order are much stricter than in Texas and require more comprehensive action. There are even some cases where you won’t be able to get your license back at all.

How do you complete 2 separate driving courses?

Depending on where you got your violations, it may seem nearly impossible to get your license back in one state that is not near where you normally live. Thankfully, many states that allow you to get your violations removed will have options for you.

To start, you will need to check the ticket you were issued and find out what it was you violated. Once you know what exactly the issue is, you can look at the states’ rules and see how and if you can get your license back. For example, if you are caught speeding in Florida and are now back in Texas, you can look at the website for Florida and find out if they have a course to get the violation removed.

Once you know what the violations are and if you can get them sorted out, you will want to look for an online course to get your defensive driver certification. Thanks to new laws and the power of technology, you can essentially complete the entire certification online for both states. Additionally, many states let you complete two of the courses at the same time, so you don’t have to wait to finish one before starting on the other one.

Once you have completed the driving courses for both states and resolved the issues, you should then be certified to drive in the states without tan issue. It is important to remember however that there are limited amounts of times you can get these issues resolved successfully. If you begin to start a trend of having driving violations in multiple states, you could risk having your license permanently revoked.

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