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How to Pass Your Driving Test in the First Attempt

Introduction If you have taken a Texas approved defensive (TAD) driving safety course, you are already prepared to pass your driving test. It can be difficult to maintain focus during such a big step....
driving safety course texas

Is Texting or receiving calls while driving illegal in Texas?

The subject of texting and driving has been a new and heated topic that has come up in every state ballot for the past few years. As more people are dying every day due...
driving safety course texas

Difference between Defensive Driving Online vs Classroom

If you have recently been issued a traffic citation and you need to take a Texas defensive driving course in order to have your ticket dismissed, you may be worried about the utter inconvenience...
driving safety course texas

Can I take an Online Defensive driving Course for 2 states?

For some people, there may be a situation where you would want or need to take a defensive driving course for multiple states. Texas defensive driving courses are similar to those of other states...
Driving safety course Texas

3 Ways Cold Weather Affects Your Driving

Whether or not you are used to driving in cold weather, there are a number of things you should be aware of when operating a vehicle in cold weather conditions. A few of these...